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The plot of the movie goes, a women is getting married but has a job offer and then begins to have second thoughts about the wedding. i think it takes place during Christmas because a guardian angel or chirstmas spirit comes to her side when she didn't show up to wedding and shows her what her life is going to be if she doesn't go and she didn't like the outcome so she then goes to get married instead.

I saw it on TV it's an older movie i cant remember what channel

Thanks for the support

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Hello Jonathan,

That sounds a bit like a TV film called "Eve's Christmas". Here's the storyline:

Thirty-three-year-old ad executive Eve Simon is, to all outward appearances, a success in life. Even so, as she sits alone nursing a drink in an expensive Manhattan watering hole on Christmas Eve, she wonders if it's all been worth it and how her life would have turned out had she made different choices. Her personal life is less than satisfying. Beyond her assistant Mandy who has been her best friend since school, the only other significant person in her life is her married boss and lover, Neil Barlow. She has not been home to Eastborough, Oregon since she left eight years ago, and rarely speaks to her loving and supportive family there. When Neil tells Eve that he will be spending Christmas with his wife and kids instead of her as was originally planned, leaving her alone for Christmas, Eve reflects on her life, most specifically the decision she made eight years ago not to marry her then fiancÚ and love of her life, Scott Gustafson, who she has not seen or heard of since, but rather accept the internship with Bernstein & Barlow that began the day after Christmas. Christmas was to be the day of her wedding. The decision not to get married was in part because she, despite loving Scott, knew that he would always feel obligated to take over the failing family business, a bookstore in Eastborough, rather than follow her to New York. "Wish upon the Christmas star!" advises a philosophical derelict named Brother James (her Guardian Angel) on her way home. As she falls asleep that night, Eve does just that and when she awakens it is 12 years earlier, she's an unemployed 21-year-old living with her parents, and she's still engaged to Scott. So, will she make the same choices again, or will she follow her heart instead of her head the second time around?  

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