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What is the second-most famous shower scene in film history?

Hello Thomas,

Well, assuming that the "most" famous is the one in "Psycho", the second most famous shower scene could be one of the following, although I don't believe that any one shower scene has ever been officially recognized as the "second best"...............

Sissy Spacek in the shower scene in "Carrie"

Kelly LeBrock in the shower with the two boys in "Weird Science"

The clown appearing from the shower waste in Stephen King's "It"

Christian Bale in the shower in "American Psycho"

The shower scene in "Porky's"

Leslie Nielsen in the shower scene in "Naked Gun 33⅓"

Elvis Presley singing in the shower in "G.I. Blues"

The spider in the shower in "Arachnophobia"

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the "Casino Royale" shower scene.

Burt Reynolds in the shower in "Silent Movie"

Beverly D'Angelo in "National Lampoon's Vacation"

Bruce Willis and Jane March in "Color of Night"

Angie Dickinson in "Dressed to Kill"

The mixed marines shower scene in "Starship Troopers"

Hope one of those is the one you're looking for.  

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