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We are doing a neurological research project (MRI) on the topic of human fear.
For that we are in need of short film footage (2-4 sec respectively) for 2 paradigms:
1) a large predator (bear, tiger, etc) attacks the camera directly
2) an aggressive ("alpha") male attacks/assaults the camera directly (maybe with a knife or so)
the same as 1) and 2) but with the attacker assaulting/threatening another human, preferrably a woman

the scenes we are out for should be rather explosive and dynamic and nothing too distracting

we already screened youtube for all those bear/tiger scenes from roar to the edge or the revenant.
maybe you have some more exotic ideas, especially concerning the attacking male.

Thank you in advance!

For 1) ANACONDA  comes to mind.

For 2) There is a fight scene in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (with Frank Sinatra) that fits your description. Also, see THE HUNTED (with Benicio Del Toro)

You can also check out THE EDGE (bear attack) and any of the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET/FRIDAY THE 13TH/HALLOWEEN films

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