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silvergirl wrote at 2006-06-21 17:26:42
I too wondered if a movie would be made of Beach Music and hope that Pat Conroy would do the screenplay  I hope some Hollywood bigshot picks up the book and runs to do the movie.

My picks for characters are as follows:

Jack McCall    - Matthew McConaughy

Shyla -  Julianna Margulies

Ledare - Cate Blanchett

Mike - Ben Stiller

Capers - Jude Law

Jordan - Brad Pitt

Lucy -  Susan Sarandon

John Hardin - Owen Wilson

Judge - Jon Voight

Jordan's Father - Gene Hackman

Mr. Fox - Dustin Hoffman

Leah - Pick some unknown child actor

PJthePCfan wrote at 2007-10-14 17:41:03
I loved this book!  It's been a few years since I read it but I have given it as a gift to several people.  I keep waiting for the movie!   Here is how I see it...

John Cusack as Jack (Who doesn't LOVE John Cusack?!)

Gweneth Paltrow as Ledare (Reese Witherspoon would be good too although I've always envisioned someone taller.  I do agree that Cate Blanchett would be great...maybe even better than my original vision)

Philip Seymore Hoffman as Mike..he plays sleaze so well!  Another choice, although maybe a few years too old for it, would be Oliver Platt.  Love that guy.

Edward Norton as John Hardin or if he is too old for that role how about Haley Joel Osmet..might be just the role for this great actor who is transitioning from child star into adult actor.

Eva Green as Shyla.   

Ryan Gosling as Jordon (or maybe Matthew McConaughey...he's got a jump start on the accent!)  

Yes, yes to the idea of Jude Law as Capers.  I can totally see that.

SOMEBODY hire me to cast this movie and then I will tell you who I see in the other roles. :-)  

Alison wrote at 2007-11-15 01:25:33
Someone told me tonight that Beach Music is being filmed in Wilmington NC--which would be an excellent  venue as Conroy was brought up in the Carolinas, and several movies have been successfully filmed in town

Karla wrote at 2013-09-02 18:42:42
I read somewhere years ago - that the divorce between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston - can be the reason the book hasn't been made into a movie -They

jointly purchased the rights to the movie and now there are legal issues with how all involved with making it into a movie would be decided.

I have read this book 5 or 6 times - would love to see it put on the big screen.

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