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rwells wrote at 2008-01-12 14:39:23
Never noticed it myself until I got HD. It first appears when they are picked up by by the Oskognoggin 18 wheeler. At that point you can tell he was hit in the right eye. There is a distinct puffy and bruised right check and eye socket. You can't really be sure at the rail station. However, in the last scene at the Paige's home you can see the blackness of the eye.

I watch and recorded this from the HDNet presentation January 12, 2008.

jimbojones wrote at 2009-12-08 16:25:45

yes, he deff has a black eye. We assume this is due to a scene which has been cut out of the final movie.  3 hours of footage stored away would certainly explain this (and several other issues) with the film.

Swindon UK wrote at 2009-12-13 10:38:16
Nobody seems to know why. He gets it after they're pulled over by the police for driving the burned out car. By the time he appears again in the truck his right eye is blackened. It clearly must've been a deleted scene - i always thought the UK TV version had been cut shorter than the original, but apparently not.

Craig wrote at 2011-09-09 10:23:30
John Hughes, the director of this movie shot twice as much film as what is normally shot for a film of this length.  When Neal and Dell are stopped by the police trooper, (Apparently)in the deleted scenes, Del tells Neal they have no insurance, and Neal punches Del and they both get arrested.  Now, assuming this is true, it's possible Steve Martin accidentally did punch John Candy in the face while attempting to execute a fake punch on camera.  I cannot confirm this, maybe the best person to ask would be Steve Martin.

Jelly wrote at 2013-01-08 14:24:59
Neal page socks him in the eye in the unaired footage.

Brian wrote at 2014-11-28 00:35:56
An article years ago left an explanation. Says Candy was accidentally hit by a piece of camera equipment during filming. They tried to cover it up as best they could. It was in the last 3 scenes of the movie, first when he gets out of the semi to give them the ride toward home, then it the train terminal and finally in the home scene, where it is covered up heavily in makeup but still noticeable.

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