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Tiverton wrote at 2011-08-10 00:18:24
This is definitely not the film referred to in the question.  I remember the film and thought it funny at the time even though it was rubbish.  The Captain broke the Petty Officer's saxophone (understandably in a 2 man sub) and there was a running gag "Why you blake my sakofone?".  I'd love to learn the name of the movei too, even though it was rubbish.

Tony wrote at 2011-09-28 04:42:57
The name of this movie has frustrated me for years, I thought it was hilarious, I saw it about 40 years ago and never forgot it, but never saw it since.I have spent hours and hours over the years trying to pin point it to no avail.

Tony Roberts wrote at 2013-04-11 05:43:46
Tony Again

The name of the film is The Rookie made in 1949, starring Tommy Noonan and Pete Marshall. Can't find a copy, but if you google it you will see the whole thing in parts. Funny Lines are; Don't call me Cwew (crew) and Why you bleak my sackaphone (saxaphone).

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