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Ms. Linda

I want learn accounting software online. Could you guide me which accounting software is better, which website is good where i can learn this accounting saftware.



Hi Khurram

To become an expert in any one accounting software package takes time. The basic training
can take 8-12 hours and that just covers the data entry.  

Accounting software can be used as a production tool for order departments, warehouse
departments, and customer service departments in addition to the accounting department.
Also, these days, accounting software will integrate with many 3rd party software
applications that helps them expand their capabilities.

So you should narrow your search to learning ONE accounting software.  You will want to
start with the basics and then google accounting key words like "online banking & xyz software" to find solutions and more training.

Therefore, step one is to determine WHICH accounting software to begin with.  You need to
determine if your goal is to assist small, medium or large organizations in your country.
Then talk to a few public accountants in your town to find out what the most popular
software used in that category.  Here in the USA QuickBooks was an ideal choice for me
because they have over 4 million users of QuickBooks.  So I created a speciality and became an expert in QuickBooks and have a much larger pool of "potential customers" to market my
QuickBooks help to.

I started out by reading the manual, then I actually read the help screens that come inside of
QuickBooks. # I started out in the 90's, so online was not an option then#.  That really gave me the BEST training. It was alot to reading, but well worth it.  I also purchased the software so that I could practice with it.  It is such a popular software choice now, that local community colleges run training courses.
But you can also Google QuickBooks training - go to youtube.com and see many videos of how QuickBooks works.

So step one is to select the software that will get you the most opportunities, then learn it
inside and out, then market yourself.  Once you start working daily with the software you will
find that you develop your own "solutions" as your peers come to you with problems to solve.

In addition to learning the software, it was really important that I knew accounting inside and out. So if you do not have formal accounting training, you should consider taking some classes at your local college.   Knowing what should be the end result was extremely helpful to my understanding why the program was behaving.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Consultant

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