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QUESTION: I am trying to delete an account in the property and debt section.  I have removed all visible transactions and in fact had not even entered any transactions against this account, yet when I try to delete it I get the message that the account cannot be deleted until all of the transactions associated with the account are delete.  There are none, yet I keep getting this message.  Ugh!  Is there a way to see what Quicken has assigned as a transaction to the account?  I can hide the account, but I'd really like to just get it deleted.  Thanks~


Can you tell me if you are using Quicken or QuickBooks
For Quicken -
What type of account are you trying to delete
a Bank account, a checking, savings, credit card
cash, investing, asset, debt or loan or are you trying to
delete a category?
For QuickBooks
Is it a bank, inventory, accounts receivable , accounts payable
liability, income, Cogs or expense

Linda Saltz, CPA

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am using Quicken.  The account was set up in the property/debt section as a liability account.  Thank you for your quick response!  I will look forward to your help to get this strange account deleted :o)

When you set up the loan account, if you did not enter a beginning loan
balance, Quicken might have added a balance of zero
Open that register and see if you see a line item with an opening balance with
zero dollars  in it.

If so delete that line then try to remove the account

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor

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