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Hello Linda

Here I have another one, please..
I did a clean uninstall, and now I have several backups files from different dates and of course, different invoices.  I tried to add them to the current clean installation - File , Open or Restore, Restore a backup from portable,  I got a message " successfully.."  However,
1 I do not see any of the invoices when going - Customers, Create invoice, Previous..   How can I find them?
2 When I went to the next backup group it asks me if I want to replace all with this file... I want to ADD these, and if possible not to duplicate... How can I do this please?
3 How do I know that for sure I do not have any previous company files ( the one I thing I deleted) still in this QB 2008 - running Windows 7

Thank you so much,   Gabe

Hi Gabe,

When you do an uninstall of QuickBooks it should not delete the data files.
Search your computer for QB data files
window button (lower left of your computer desktop)
type in *.qbw
and windows will display the location of all QuickBooks data files

I sounds like you may have restored a backup that was prior to the date you entered those
missing transactions.  Do you think you restored it over your "good" working QuickBooks

If you made a backup before uninstalling you should be in good shape. You can still
restore that file.

If you are not sure which QB backup file it is, you can look at the
date the QBB file was created.  Right click on the QBB file and choose properties

When you restore the backup files be sure to give the data file a unique name
so you dont overwrite what you have.
In the 3rd screen of the restore process QB will ask you where do you want to
restore the file... and it will give you a NAME of the file... However
I want you to change the name by adding a description to the end of it
such as the date the backup was made so that you will now have multiple QuickBooks
data files.  

Once you find which backup file contains the most current data, then you can
delete the other *.qbw data files.

You cannot restore a partial backup. QB does not ahave  feature that will
allow you to take data from a date range and push it into another QuickBooks file.
For that you can use a 3rd party software tool called "Data transfer utility" from

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor

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