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Hi QB Expert Linda Saltz

I am using QB 2013 Ent. with manufacturing & advanced inventory management features. I Assembled a Assembly item i.e "20/1 CVC Yarn" with different inventory items like, " Comber Noil, Roving...etc".
Now i want to see reports:
1. Total Yarn Produced in Period e.g. a Month
2. Total Material Used in Producing that above Assembly item ( Qty & Value).
3. Net Yield for manufacturing the above item.

I have searched the entire QB reports but can't find the solution.

kindly give your expert advice to resolve the query.

Best Regards

Hi Bisharat,

You will need to export a report to excel and I recommend using the pivot table in excel
to get your reports

Start with the report menu > custom reports > detail report
Customize that report
filter for transaction type = build assembly
On the display tab add the columns for item, item description, quantity
Memorize this report for easy access next time.
Change the date range to the month you want to report on, then export to excel.
Remove blank columns and rows, then create a pivot table on that data

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor

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