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Hi Karin,
I’m not sure if you’re the right person to ask or if I should be asking programing or someone else. If not, suggestions who to ask?

I bought a small retail business and it came with Quickbooks. The previous owner is elderly and his son set up the QuickBooks. His son lives several states away and neither of them can remember the log-in or password to QB. When I turn on the computer, QB automatically logs on, however it’s constantly asking for permission to update. The previous owner said he just closes that box.
As a new owner, if someone clicks on the update box, or if the computer doesn’t automatically log me in, I’m in trouble. All my records are in QB and the credit card processing is also tied into QB, so I won’t even be able to cash a customer out.
How do I get the user and password to change it?
The “I Forgot my password” feature is also no good. When his son set up QB he used an email address that was tied to a website he also set up for his father. His father let the website go and he no longer has access to that email address.
Any suggestions? I’m not the most computer savvy person either.
Thank you,

Hi Randy,
First my apologies for taking so long to answer. I had a death in the family and the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a zoo.

In answer to your question.
Let's address the password issue first. To clarify this is a computer version of QuickBooks and not in the cloud and it would help to know which version.
It appears that there is no password set up, if there was, quickbooks would not automatically log in. If this is indeed the case, you should be able to go to the company information (at the top of the window, click on Company, the click on set up users and passwords, click on Admin and the edit user. If a screen comes up that lets you enter a password, you may set up a new one and then click next and then finish.

Depending on the version of quickbooks, (ie year# and how you use it, updating may be a really good idea.  These updates are normally security issues and program enhancements/corrects.  If the version that you have is older that 2011, there are no new updates available.

I do have clients using older versions of quickbooks.  These clients do not have the computers hooked to the Internet, nor do they do use the payroll module.  If this is your case and you simply need a decent booking software then it is quite OK to no update.  On the other hand, if you are connected to the Internet on this computer and you have sensitive information of the hard drive, I would suggest purchasing the current version to ensure that you are protected.

If you need more information or are still having difficulty, please feel free to call me and I will make sure that you are squared away.  #there is no charge for this, I just find it easier and quicker to speak with the questioners, it expedites resolving the issue.

Thanks for using allexperts!
Karin H

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