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Hello Linda,

A client of mine is currently running an old version of QB and is finally ready to upgrade.  In transferring the company's data, is he able to select or isolate what information transfers over.  All they would want to transfer over from the old company is the item list, vendor and customer list, no other information.  Is this possible to do?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Jeff

Here is one option.

1. Backup your existing file.
  Do the backup in single user mode, and under options in the backup window
   select full verify.
2. Make a copy of the existing file and give it a new name.
   that way you still can have access to the old data
  To copy the file
  File menu > open >  navigate to where the company data file is stored
  Right click on the data file > click copy
  Then anywhere in that same window > right click and Paste
  A copy of the data file is made.
  Now rename that file  by right clicking on the copy and select Rename.
  Give the file a new name.

3. Install the new version of QuickBooks    
  Go to the  help menu > update QuickBooks > download all updates and
  close QuickBooks and Reopen QuickBooks to install the updates.

4. Next open the New version of QuickBooks.
   File menu > open company >  Navigate to where the new company file is stored.
  QuickBooks will upgrade  the file to the new edition.

5. Now you can condense the file to REMOVE ALL transactions from the NEW QB file
  File menu > utilities > condense > remove all transactions

Or you can export your lists and import into a brand new file as follows:
Install the new edition of QuickBooks, Update your current data file
Then export your lists to an IIF file
File menu > utilities > export > lists to IIF files

Next step is to create a brand new QuickBooks file
File menu > New company file > Express Start
Fill out the information requested  , then click on Create file
In the next window, select START Working.

To import your lists
File menu > import > IIF files  

Hope this helps,

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor
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