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Hello! i have tried to use the email i received from Quickbooks User News email on how to restore a back up file on a second computer (exp: want to do some work on my laptop while on vaca) i followed all the steps to transfer to my laptop (everything restored with the current info) but every time i exit the program and open the program up again it asks for my user name and password and when i put the same password in it says its not correct so every time i have to change my password, i thought maybe it was just something on my laptop,  but when i tried to restore to my desktop it does the same thing, it restores the info, but then the sign in comes up to put in my user and password and it says again not correct (i know its correct as i just opened the program with the same password) i am restoring the back up file once i have opened the program and i go to "file - open or restore company" then open the saved back up file.
any help will be greatly appreciated !
thanks !

It sounds like the user name you are using has become damaged.
I cant fix that for you,  but you might get around it by creating and using a NEW
user name

To set up a new user
Once inside the QB data file  > click on company men > choose setup  users >
enter the admin password >  click on ADD user > enter a new name and password
and select user rights.

Once complete, log off QB and try logging in with the new user name and PW a few
times to see if it is still causing you difficulty.

Other options
There is a "file doctor" utility tool. Im not sure that it works on user accounts,
but might be worth a try.  

You may need to contact QB support and upload the file to their data services team
to see if they can fix that user.  

Or you may try and restore from a backup dated before you went on vacation
and then reentering your data since then.

Linda Saltz
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor
We support and sell QuickBooks Enterprise.  

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