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I am using QB 2008. I issue an invoice, dated on 18-08-2014 and I get the full payment from this invoice. Here is the description in my invoice.

Customeer Name: Ling
Name of Item: Chhuk 16g
Quantity: 50
Unit: $1.2
Total Amount: $60

I go to the "Received Payment", choose the "Customer Payment" and set $60 in "Payment" to pay to the invoice above and it is paid fully on the date as it is issued, so it means this invoice is paid already.

On 20-08-2014 I get 1 return from the customer "Ling", but I don't know how to do.

Hope you understand what I mean and please feel very kind and free to explain to me in details and I am very sorry if I made you so complicated and unaware of my knowledge related to QB.

Thanks a lot and best wishes to you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you!

Yours sincerely,



You would create a CREDIT MEMO
Customer menu > Create Credit Memo
Enter the customer name Ling,
Enter the item Chhuk 16g
Enter the Qty of 1
Enter unit price of 1.20
Total credit is $1.20.

You can either hold onto this credit and apply to the
next purchase/invoice made by Ling.

Or you can issue a refund for $1.20

I don't remember if 2008 edition has a "issue refund button" on the
top of the credit memo.  If not, you would
open a "write check" form.  Enter Payee as Ling,  amount of $1.20
Account = accounts receivable, and in the Customer:Job field enter

This check will reduce your bank account by $1.20 and bring Lings account
balance back to zero.

After writing a check, be sure to open the receive payment window, enter Ling
and highlight the check that you will see in the bottom half of the window, then
click on the set credit button.  This will link the check to the credit memo so that
the credit memo is closed.

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