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What does UNINVOICED means?

Hi Farida,

I have not seen that terminology used in any report inside QuickBooks. If you do see
it somewhere in QuickBooks, let me know what version of QB you are using and the
screen/report you are seeing it.

QuickBooks uses the term "Unbilled" to represent expenses entered that are associated with
a customer:job and have not yet been invoiced. With what you are looking at, could it
mean something similar - that you have spent money on behalf of customers and have not yet
charged back the customers for that expense yet?

Uninvoiced might refer to Sales Orders that have not yet been invoiced. But QuickBooks
uses the term "open balance" rather than uninvoiced.

Uninvoiced, could refer to a receipt of inventory items where the vendor bill has not yet been entered.

Hope this helps,

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor
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