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Hello Karin, I have quickbooks pro 2012 for windows and was trying to add a job to a master acct, however when I tried to set up Job it said already started, so I continued and then ended up with 2 jobs, but in the process it asked if I wanted to merge the info (I was thinking the master w/ the job) but when I merged it, it lost all of the notes I had in the original Master account.  is there any way to get these notes back ??

thanks in advance for any help !

Hi June,
I'm sorry for taking so long to answer.... no excuse other than I didn't catch it in my email.

As for your problem.  I'm not sure why you lost the notes.  When merging two  accounts the default is to keep the original information including notes notes.  Sadly there really is no way to get the notes back.  If you've backed up your file on a regular basis, you could reinstall the old file, and name the file qb file to retrieve notes.   Once that is installed, go to the original account, open up the notes, copy and past them into a doc or text file. Close the quickbooks file, open your real quickbooks file, and then copy and paste the notes back onto the customers account.

Wish I had better news, but once accounts are merged, whatever information is overwritten is lost.

Sorry :(

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