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I am LUCK. I am using QB 2010. I am using 3 currencies, USD, BATH, and CAD. I am using my home currency in USD. I have 50 customers using BATH in my invoices. My intention is to go to the report and want to see 50 customers' balances in BATH. How can I do it? Or How can I check the profit and lost in the report in BATH?

Hope you understand what I mean!

Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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Hi Luck,
Sorry to say that once you select you home currency all reports will be in the currency. The only that that you could do would be to filter the customers in your Acccounts Receivable report with the currency you desire to see.  It will still report in USD because that is your home currents.

The only option to get a report in Baht would be to export it to an excel file and then convert each number at the current rate.

I understand your frustration - but there really is no way to do it.

Hopefully you have set up three different accounts receivable accounts, account payables (if you have them) and your bank accounts are set to the proper currency


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