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is there a way to export all my data in quickbooks to a csv file?  clean it up and then import it back into quikbooks?        i put first and last names into the first name field and i have to have it so i have the first name in the first name field and the last name in the last name field

Hi Marv

You can export your customer list, edit the names and then import back into QB.

First, backup your QB data file and make sure that your backup is a good backup!
I like to copy and paste the entire data file in a separate folder on hard drive
when I import data. Murphy's law will kick in if I dont do this!

There are 2 options, you can export your customer names list to an IIF file, open the
IIF file and edit and reimport.
File menu > utilities > export > lists to IIF
choose the customer list and save it on your desktop
Open Excel, then click to open a file in excel, navigate to your desktop
and be sure in the lower right corner of excel to change the file type to all files
Open the IIF and when the excel displays a bit of jibberish about file types, just click

Be sure after making your changes to click file save and save in the same format.
To import your changes >  open the company file > file menu > import IIF files
Once complete verify the file ( file menu > utilities > verify .

Or preferrably,
Create a report with the fields that need changing , export
to excel then import those changes using excel
Reports > lists > customer
 Select customer price list then modify this report to remove all the fields you dont want
  and add the first and last name fields
 export to excel
 Clean up
 save the excel file
In QB > file menu > utilities > import > excel files > advanced >
 select the excel file, choose the worksheet in excel > then click on mapping
 Map the customer name, first and last name fields
 and save your mapping
 Preveiw the import
 Be sure to click on the preferences tab and choose
  Replace existing data with import data, ignoring blank fields
  This will only change the 2 fields in your excel file and ignore all the other data

Hope this helps,

Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor
We sell and support QuickBooks Enterprise.  

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