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I am planning making a baby rag quilt but do not know what size squares would I need to do? Is there a common size everyone uses?What size squares do you do?
Q2: What size are baby quilts?
Thank you Bea.

Baby quilts are the best!  I like to do 1/2" seams for baby quilts.  They are still raggedy, but not excessively so - the 1" seams seem too long and I'm always worried that the baby will try to eat them and swallow the longer threads.  Just me.  I also like to use a 6" or 7" starting square.  5" is too small and anything over 8 won't be raggedy enough for me - This is entirely up to you though.  I've seen some baby quilts with 4" squares - granted, you really couldn't see much of the print because the quilt was almost entirely seams and some made with 12" squares (looks more like a simple patchwork, but super simple).  I would suggest you google baby rag quilt and see what size you like.  

If you want to do a stroller quilt, I would do a 30"x30" quilt.  I never do a quilt smaller than this.  I tried to do a 20"x30" once, but the mom actually gave it back to me after the first month and requested I add to it because it was already too small.  The 30x30 will also be somewhat on the small size, but it's still good for at least the first 6 months as a stroller quilt or playmat.  

If you want to do a toddler or crib quilt, then I would do a 45"x60".  This is the size I like to do the most.  It takes a little more work, but will last from birth on.  I mean, you can use it as a lap quilt on the couch and it will fit perfectly in a crib.  Also - if a new mom is worried about putting a blanket in the crib with her newborn, she can turn this quilt sideways (60" from side to side in the crib) and tuck the excess under the mattress.  You can also just fold it in half to use in the stroller.  

It's ok to deviate from these two quilt sizes if you want to use a smaller or larger block.  For example, an 8" starting block will give you a 7" finished block with 1/2" seams.  There is no way that 45 is divisible by 7, so you would have to choose between 42" or 49".  60" is also not divisible, so you'd have to choose between 56" or 63".  Make sense?

One note about baby quilts: I usually do flannel batting or none at all.  I put fleece batting in a few when I was starting and they were great for winter, but waaaaaaay too hot for summer (made a great playmat, but there was no way my sister was wrapping her 6 month old in it).  Two or three layers of flannel is warm and cozy and you can always layer more clothes or blankets on.  Just my two cents.

So, Recap:
1/2" seams seem safest to me.
6" or 7" squares are a nice size, but you can do whatever you want.  
30"x30" quilts are nice for new babies, but will be outgrown relatively quickly.
45"x60" quilts are good for new babies and toddlers and will last for years.
Choose your batting wisely.

Have a good one!


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