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Read your q&a on how to figure #of squares,very good and clear.  Now i need to know how to figure how much material I need?  Please,thank you.

This is the hard part.  Figuring how much fabric you need.  Now this depends on how many colors, how wide the fabric is, etc.  Simply put, divide the width of your fabric by your starting block size with seam allowances included.  Round this number down.  This gives you the number of whole blocks you can get from the width of your fabric.  Then divide the total number of blocks that you need by the number of blocks you can get from the width of your fabric.  Round this number up and multiply it by your starting block size with seam allowances included.  This gives you how many inches of fabric you will need to buy.
For example: I will need 218-6" squares for a 45"x60" quilt.   108 for the front and 108 for the backing.  If I am using a 45" wide fabric, then I can get 7.5 squares from the width.  However, I can only get 7 whole squares.  218/7=31.11111 or 32 (this is the number of squares down the length of the fabric).  32x6" (starting block size) =192" or 5.333 yards.  Basically, your 5.333 yards will give you 7 squares across the width (45") and 32 squares down the length (5.33 yards) to give you your required 218 squares.

If you want to use batting, then you will need to cut it at least an inch smaller than your starting block size.  If you use flannel, then don't worry about cutting it smaller.  Flannel rags where batting doesn't, so you can leave it in the seams.  
For example:  Batting squares need to be 4.5"-5" when using a starting block size of 6".  Flannel batting would be cut in 6" squares.

I don't know how big of a quilt you want to make - I would look online for sizing or measure the bed.  Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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