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Multi-Colored Antique Quilt
Multi-Colored Antique  
Multi-Colored Antique Quilt
Multi-Colored Antique  
QUESTION: I am having to appraise all items in my grandparents home due to their recent death. I am supposed to get an approximate retail value, and fair market value,(basically what people are paying on Ebay or auction sites right now.
I am trying to find out as much information as I can:
*Is it handmade?
*Is it antique?
*What is the pattern, what would someone call this type of quilt?
*What materials it's made of?
*a retail value and fair market value, if possible?

The quilt is multi-colored with a distinct design.
*do those designs have a certain name?

The quilt is approximately 66" x 85" and around 2-3mm thick
*Which would this be considered: King, Queen, Full?

Thank you so much and if there's anything else to add, please do! I'm not very versed with quilts.

ANSWER: Hi again Amy,

I can not tell enough from the photo about this one to
comment intelligently.

Can you take a detail of one of the Baskets and a bit of
surround?  Another of a corner turned over, so I can see
the back and the edging?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Added Picture of Quilt #2
Added Picture of Quilt  
Added Picture of Quilt
Added Picture of Quilt  
QUESTION: Let me know if these pictures help. Thanks again!

ANSWER: Hi again Amy,

I have been stumped by this one, and have been looking, looking at
the photos -- trying to understand what I was seeing.  Something was
not computing for me.

I just now had an idea -- and need to ask you.  Is this quilt PRINTED
rather than pieced together?  Are there any seams around each triangle
in the Baskets -- or are they printed to look like patchwork?

I will await your response.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You were right on the money. I didn't even realize it until you said it. It is actually printed, and are sewn around the edges to look like patchwork.
What would you call a quilt, or blanket like that, and what kind of price would you put on something like that?

Thanks again for your help!

Funny -- it finally hit me as I was studying your photos.  Well, I am
relieved to have identified it.. Not "understanding" what I was seeing
was bugging me.

Sadly, these have very little monetary value.  They have been around a
while, but are still being made.

I don't know how much yours might have cost, but I understand this kind
of printed quilt is now available at places like Target and such for very
little -- $29.95 new.

And since they are still being made, they are not very collectible.  You
might want to search the internet for "printed quilts" or ... ???

Wish I had better news for you...

All best, and again thanks for contacting me.


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