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Quilting/queen size reversible rag quilt


QUESTION: I would like to make a reversible rag quilt using cotton for one side and flannel for the other and possible a slightly different pattern. Is this feasible?  I would skip using any batting.

Thank you

ANSWER: Basically, yes. Just be sure to pre-wash all fabrics before cutting and sewing since the flannels will shrink at a different proportion than the cottons.

Connie Hester

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QUESTION: Can you give me an idea of the best way to sew the two pieces together. I will rag the outside edges but not sure how to "quilt" so the two sides don't shift.

Thanks so much for your help

You could tie knots through all layers with multiple strands of embroidery thread at each block corner, or you could sew through all layers in a checkerboard pattern of horizontal and vertical lines. You could also just sew through all layers with either only vertical or only horizontal lines. The possibilities are endless. You just need to sew or tie the layers together somehow at regular intervals throughout the surface of the finished quilt. Since each single block will be stabilized as it is assembled and joined to other blocks, connections between the 2 finished quilts can be spread out just enough to keep the 2 quilts aligned together.

Connie Hester


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