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Janes quilt
Janes quilt  
I have recently spent a great deal of time collating 57 photographs on to the above fabric and then making a wall hanging.

My problem is that some of the pictures are fading and they are not always next to each other. I only completed the project at the begining of the year.  I did have an epsom colour printer which I used to print the sheets.

Hope fully you can shed some light onto why this is happening.

thank you


To prevent fading, pigment ink is required. Not all Epsom printers use pigment inks. We look for Durabrite and Ultrabrite ink names to indicate this and look up printer specifications for confirmation that pigment ink is indeed used.

In addition, fabrics must be washed well to scrub off invisible grime and surface treatments which can prevent the bonding of ink to fabric.

While pigment inks do retard fading, if the wallhanging is in direct natural or artificial light daily, this may still encourage some fading over time. This will be very pronounced pretty quickly with dye-based inks. Some colors are more prone to fading than others which could account for the unequal effect you are seeing.

Connie Hester  


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