When you make your rag quilts
Q1:What kind of thread do you use?
Polyester? Cotton? Polyester/Cotton?
Does it make any difference?
Q2: When you sew an X on your blocks Do you use a topstitch stitch length? Regular stitch length?
Thank you B.

I like to use Isacord thread.  It's more expensive than Coats and Clark, but it is 100% polyester, whereas Coats and Clark is 50/50 cotton/polyester.  Isacord is one of the best threads for embroidery which means that it is very strong and won't break on you.  It's also shiny and adds a little subtle pizzazz to my quilts.  You can use whatever you want - just make sure to test it before you use it.  Thread has a shelf life and weakens over time.  Take a long piece of thread, loop it around two fingers and try to pull it to break it.  If it breaks easily, throw it away.  If it takes some effort, then it's still good.

When I sew the X on my blocks, I use a 2.5-3 stitch length (regular stitch length for normal sewing).  My basting stitch is 4, but that's too long for the X stitching.  

P.S. If you look on ebay, you can find 5000 meter spools of Isacord thread for about $10.  That's a really good price and only slightly more expensive than Coats and Clark.


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