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I have just inherited a old family quilt that my grandmother (she was born in 1913) received from her aunt years ago. it measures 67 1/2 inch x75 1/2 inches it is white on one side and the other side is white with hundreds of little roses (1/16 inch in size)along with little green 6 pedal flower with a red center(same size as the rose)this covering a blanket underneath I know this due to the small hole in the top cover the under blanket is white with red swastika symbols  48 of them 6 across the bottom and 8 along the side.The story goes that grandmas aunt was a member of the American Nazi party before world war 2 and if you hang the quilt in front of a light then the swastikas show through. I had a quilt collector tell me this is a old quilt around 1930 at least but did not know why the top covering sown on around the edge.I am NOT a fan of Nazi but would like to know more about this quilt and how much it is worth. Thank you for your time.

Sorry I haven't answered sooner have been away for two weeks with only my phone for email.

I've never heard of Nazi quilts, what an interesting discovery. But, I do know that a block looking like a swastika does exist with no connection to Nazis.

If the rumor about your relative existed already, it's possible. But if the only evidence is this quilt, I suspect it's not Nazi-related.
I'm not able to value quilts, you'd need to find an appraiser.
good luck with finding more.
Put 'quilt appraisal' in Google and see if you can get some advice.



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