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Quilting/ironing a quilt


I have an old quilt (first one I ever made) made out of satin (not the best choice of materials, but it was my first and does look awesome). Over the years in storage it is heavily wrinkled. I washed and dryer dried it but the wrinkles didn't come completely out. Can I iron it or will that damage the batting (its a synthetic  batting). I would like to give it as a wedding gift so I'd like to get all the wrinkles out. Any suggestions?

I would not iron this quilt. If it is very old, the satin may be brittle, and this would further damage the fibers. It would also be very easy to scorch the fibers.

If the wrinkles are unsightly, I might try to lightly steam it, being sure not to actually touch the fabric with the steamer.

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