An family member(sister)wants to give me $200. to make them a King size quilt. The $200. is total. This is for everything which means the fabric too. Q1: Would the fabric at least cost up to a $100?? I bet if I was a non member and said I wanted $500. they would pay it. Q2: Is it just because we are family they think we can do it cheap but the materials all cost the same for me or the stranger.
Thank you B.

I would ask what design they want and then figure out just how much fabric you will need for what they want.  I would then use $5 a yard as a standard value.  Some fabrics will cost you $3/yd, some will cost $8/yd, so $5/yd is a nice medium.  Once you have a general idea of how much the fabric will cost, then you can decide if it is worth whatever is left of the $200 for you to make this quilt.  It may be cheaper and much easier for you if they find a quilt they like online.

Most king size rag quilts will cost upwards of $300-400 depending on the fabric choices.  It won't cost you this much for fabric, but you might consider asking this much for your time.  You are going to be: 1. Picking/Buying the fabric.  2. Cutting out the fabric.  3. Sewing the quilt.  4. Snipping all the seams.  5. Washing/Delinting the quilt.  When I first started making rag quilts, I would have friends ask me to make them quilts and want to pay me for only the materials.  It wasn't until I held a class and they all attended and realized just how much time a rag quilt takes to make that they started offering double their original offer to pay me for my time.  You should have seen their faces when they realized that sewing the quilt was only the first part and that they still needed to clip all those seams.  

Maybe you can ask your relatives to help you clip the seams.  That way, they realize how much of a pain it is and then they will treat the quilt better.  That will also take some of the strain off of you while involving them in the process.


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