To measure for a Queen quilt the bed is 60"x80". The mattress is 18" deep.
Q1: For a 10" overhang(both sides of the mattress)
I would add  18"+10"+10" = 38".  
then add the bed size 60"+38" = 98" .  98" across the bed.
Q2: For the pillows to go in under the quilt I would add 10" pillow tuck.
I would add 80"+10"(for the overhang at the foot of the bed) + 10" for the pillow tuck
80 + 10+ 10 = 100"  100" down
So the quilt would be 98"x 100".
IS this the way to figure it out ??
Thank you B.

I would figure 60" wide + 36" for 2 depths of mattress + 20" for two 10" overhangs = 116" wide, across the bed.

The length would be 80" + 18" for depth of mattress at foot of bed + 10" overhang at foot of bed + 10" pillow tuck = 118" with no overhang behind pillows.



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