The question is wash or not??
Do you Always wash your cotton fabric before you start quilting??  I have all cotton fabric to make a quilt with but if I wash it first its Not going to look new to give as a gift.  Cotton batting will be used. What would you do?? If not, prewashed, how will the quilt turnout??  I do prewash when making pj's so they will fit after they are made, but a quilt
Is different.
Thank you B.

I always wash all fabrics before cutting and sewing. They will not all shrink in the same proportion or equally. They will still look new after pressing. Not pre-washing fabrics could produce a distorted quilt.

I do not pre-wash cotton batting. It will shrink a little bit in the first wash which will just produce desirable slightly puffed areas between all the quilting.



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