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Dear Ms. Silber
I inherited this beautiful hand-stitched quilt, which, according to family history, was made in the mid to late 1800's.  I want to have it insured, as well as know the pattern name.
Can you help?
Kindest regards,

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for writing and for sending such good photos.  
I can really see the quilt, with the full shot and
the detail. Much appreciated.

The name generally used for this design now is "New
York Beauty."  However, there is a history there ...

It is an old design, which was once traditionally known
as "Crown of Thorns," Rocky Mountain Road," and some

However, in 1930 a commercial batting company, Mountain
Mist (a division of Stearns and Foster) tweaked the
traditional design a bit and gave it a whole new name --
the one most widely used now -- "New York Beauty."

I don't know how to add a live link in here, but here is
a link to a page with the whole story:

The insurance value of your quilt depends on a few factors
I can not judge from photos -- but it is safe to say that
you would be covered well with a "replacement" value of
about $1,800.  (Your quilt may not SELL for that, but it
is surely a fair replacement value.)

Most people who have homeowner's or renter's insurance do
not need a special, separate appraisal for something in
that range of value.  They add it in with what they have.

If you need or want an appraisal on your quilt, you can get
one from a recognized or certified appraiser.  Then cost
for that is usually in the $45 - $100 range -- for a written
appraisal accepted by insurance companies.  I can help you
find someone in your area -- if you let me know where you are.

I think the date of the quilt is about right.  It could be as
late as 1920 or so -- but is most likely end of the 19th century.

Was it made in the South -- or close to the South.  Many of
these (in spite of the ironic name) are southern made.

Thanks for contacting me.  I hope this has been helpful, and
I am available for further questions or comments.


Julie Silber  


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