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(My first Quilt)
for a king size bed for my son and his girl friend I did the Rail Fence - I am using a king size sheet for the back, and I have pinned the top (actual quilt) to the batting and sheet
Im confused what to do next?

I am unsure how I am actually going to "Quilt" this becuase I do not have a real quilting machine - but I am stuck on what my next step is, binding? or sewing the pieces together?
(still not sure how Im going  to do that) it wont be really fancy "quilting stick) I know that and I knwo I will have to flip dlop the quilt on all four sides so beable to sew the top/middle and bottom together - becuase I am using a regular sewing mahcine...
Thanks for ANY help

Nina (from Chicago)

Assuming you have pinned close enough together to prevent shifting of layers, you will roll opposite edges towards the center (rightside of the quilt facing up and the rolls resting on top of the rightside) and begin quilting from the middle of the quilt outwards. There are really too many things to consider in this process to include instruction here, so I would encourage you to go to a library for an illustrated "how-to" book which includes machine quilting.

If you are wanting to simply quilt straight lines, a walking foot for your sewing machine will help prevent shifting of layers somewhat by encouraging all layers to feed under the needle together.

Binding will be your last step. After quilting, all the edges will be trimmed and covered with the binding. The same "how to" book will cover bindings.

I hope this helps you to know what step comes next.



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