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Quilting/mistake fringing rag denim quilt


I am fringing a denim rag quilt for a church group.  I cut too deep on the hem between 2 squares thus now have a slit in the body of the quilt.  I am new to quilting anything.  Have I ruined the quilt?  What can I do to fix it?

I feel panicky and as if I let everyone down.

Drat!  I hate it when I do that.  

First suggestion: (Best way to fix, IMO)  Resew the seam you cut by mistake with a bigger seam allowance that goes around the slit.  If you sewed with a 1/2" seam allowance, then resew with a 1" seam allowance- just on the square with the slit seam.  I don't know how big the slit is, but if it's not too big, then a slightly bigger seam allowance should take care of it and not ruin the look of the quilt.  Believe me, no one will notice that the seam is a little bigger on that one section of that one square.  

Second suggestion: (The slit is big enough to put my finger through - I was really clip happy)  You can try zig-zagging the edges of the slit together, but I've never liked the look of that.  Of course, if the slit's not too big, then it should be covered by the raggedy seam.  Try this first and see how you like it.  Just butt the edges of the slit together and sew a large zig-zag stitch, making sure that you catch both edges with the stitch.  

If the slit is too big to zig-zag, then I would sew a patch on the slit - I'd make it a little heart out of denim.  Just cut a heart shape out of denim that's large enough to cover the slit.  Then sew it over the slit with a 1/4" seam allowance all around.  Then carefully snip the edges a little so it rags like the rest of the quilt.  If you are so inclined, you could embroider/hand sew the name of your church group or a cute message on the heart so it looks intentional.

Again, I hate this, but most times, I can just resew that seam on that particular square and no one is the wiser.  Please let me know if this makes sense.


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