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Q1: When you  make rag quilts what size seam allowance do you use for Squares under 8"??
and for Squares 8" and up??  1/2"??   3/4"??  1"??
Q2: How much extra do I add to the squares if the seams are 1/2"??  3/4"?? 1"??
Thank you B.

I always use a 1/2".  I don't like how really shaggy the 1" seams are, so everything is always 1/2".

Pick your seam allowance and double it = how many inches to add the the square all around.  For example, if you want a finished 8" square and want to use 1/2" seams, you need to add 1/2" to all four sides resulting in a 9" square.


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