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Instead of cutting a fabric square, then adding batting, putting the other square on top, sewing  a "X" on the square.
Q1: Could a person make a square as a triangle square or a nine patch square or even a shoo fly square. Make them like a regular block, using 1/4" seam to sew the pieces together, trim to size, then add the batting and the other square, and then sew them to the quilt using a 1/2" seam but still do it as a rag quilt???
Q2: I would cut the block one inch larger??
Q3: I have seen a video where the woman cuts the batting the same size as the squares, sews them altogether without making a "X". What do you think of that idea?? The batting will show but will it
gradually go away??
Q4: Are they called a square, block or patch??
Some ideas maybe new or not. Sorry for all the questions they just pop into my head.
Thank you B.

I don't know enough about quilting to answer Q1 - I don't know what a shoo fly square is.  I would think you could make multiple squares that are quilt designs or blocks and then sew them together like a regular rag quilt.  I assume the quilt design would be sewn like normal and then sewn together along the edges with the 1/2" rag seam.

I don't sew the batting in the edges because of two reasons: 1. The batting (cotton or polyester) shows (I think that's ugly) and it will tuft off and look really ugly over time as it slowly matts and then falls off.  Don't like that look.  2. My machine can't take that much fabric/batting, so I just cut it smaller and sew the X.  However, when I make winter baby quilts, I like to use three layers of flannel rather than batting.  When I make these, I don't sew the X because the extra flannel layer in the middle just makes the edges more fluffy.  I just don't like the look of Warm n Natural or polyester quilt batting in the seams.


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