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lisa wrote at 2013-11-15 12:13:14
General electronic cigarette smoke tube mainly contains nicotine solution, evaporation device and battery of 3 parts. Atomizer by battery power supply, can transform smoke bomb inside the liquid nicotine into the fog, so that the user has a similar in the feeling of smoking, "smoking". It can even according to individual be fond of, add chocolate and mint to the smoke tube and other flavor spices. Manufacturers claim that electronic cigarettes without cigarettes in the tar and harmful components such as aerosols, so health than traditional cigarettes

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Quitting Smoking

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Can answer General information on tobacco addiction, and resources for quitting. Information on current cancer research and the health effects of tobacco. The risk of smoking for lung cancer and other cancers, as well as SIDS, heart disease, and vision loss. The best place to start is 1-800-QUIT-NOW Cannot answer Specific medical questions


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