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Hello Ken,
   My son recieved a radio controlled stunt vehicle for christmas, it has a 27 MHZ remote and the vehicle is 49 MHZ.
    It powers up but does'nt work,do the two frequencies have to match? If so can I change the crystal in the remote or the vehicle to match? or will they not communicate?
    The toy is a street savage by the blue hat toy company ,trying to contact them is a big run around.
       Thanks John

Hi John,

The transmitter and receiver (in the vehicle) frequencies must match.  For 'typical' hobby purposes, 49MHz is not common, but I believe it is in some 'toy' grade products.  I've never heard of a transmitter and receiver, sold as a unit, not matching.  I don't believe changing either crystal will do any good.  With today's hobby grade equipment on 27MHz and 72MHz, the crystals can be swapped around in the receivers.  It is against FCC regulations, in the USA, for the consumer to modify the transmitter.  Swapping a crystal in a transmitter is considered a modification by the FCC and must be done by a licensed technician, along with a frequency adjustment to put it on, or very close, to the exact frequency.

I would believe that the retailer should take care of your problem.  Trying to deal with a Chinese company directly is almost impossible to do and extremely frustrating, as you have found out.

Wish I could be of more help.


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