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James I forgot to ask the question so I will resubmit the entire letter. I would like to purchase "new" my first 2.4 transmitter
for airplanes. I am not a tech/soldering type so I need a unit that is very user friendly. no pc needed or downloading of firmware. Not a ton of bells & whistles but at least the following: 6 channel,  10+ model memory, some basic mixing, servo reversing, flaps, trainer capability, easy BNF ready, inexpensive receivers.
So many makes / models to choose from.  $50-$250 price range
So far I was thinking about the Orange RX T-SIX from Hobby King $65 Your help appreciated. thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,
         Speaking of the Orange RX T-SIX, my friend in the local club has this transmitter I remember the bright color, which I never recall of him having any trouble with it. When he told me the price of the controller and with the performance that I've seen I was very surprise. I never own one personally but I would recommend for the price, you can't beat the price on all the extras that it offers. Also another thing, make sure you check your throttle mode option. There are two modes left and right stick. The two transmitters that I've used is the Spektrum DX8 and Fuataba 8FG, both will last you a long time and offers almost everything you need from starting from beginner level all the way to professional level. Buy the best on what you can afford then work up from there. I would say the RX T- SIX would be a good choice on your price range and needs. When you purchase your radio keep in mind that your receiver is not always included in the price along with servos. I hope I helped!! Good luck and safe flying friend!!

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