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Budweiser U-1
Budweiser U-1  
Hello, I have recently inherited a 48 inch long Budweiser U-1 Hydroplane (Hull only).  I would like to get it running but since I have only basic knowledge of all things RC I am hopeful you can help.

I am hopeful there is a way to equip this boat without spending crazy money.  It has been used previously as a gasoline powered (Zenoah G260PUM) boat.  But my basic research tells me I will need (at least) an engine, clutch, prop and prop shaft, rudder, muffler, all RC electronics and anything else.

What components would you recommend and the best resource for them?  Also, if there is a less expensive, but similarly efficient electric motor system please let me know.  I know there are some strong electric motors but this is a good size boat.

Thanks you for your time and thoughts.  Chris K.

Hi chris
Thanks for letter You are on the right track and model looks great . but this a fast boat and not one you want to start with as its at the top end of the hobby and speed is great also cost.
in order to get the start of the hobby i would recommend something smaller and cheaper to run something smaller ,your model is large fast and expensive  but very exciting when run by an expert.

Start a little slower and get to no more of the hobby read a few magazines . and get back to me.

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