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QUESTION: hi robin,whats the difference bt brush and brushless? and i was wondering at what temps i should be watching on my traxxas slash while running. when do i know its too hot and give it a break? Also, how should i care for the truck after use and before as far as lubrications and what should i use. any any other maintenance tips.

brushed motors used metal brushes to provide power to the coils on the rotor to make an electromagnetic field inside the motor can to make the rotor turn. brushless motors are basically the reverse, and use coils that create an electromagnetic field to turn the rotor, which is a solid magnet. its a bit difficult to explain but if you look at a few pictures of the insides of both types of motor then you will be able to see the difference. Brushless motors are generally much more powerful and much more efficient. just be aware that to run a brushless motor, you will need an appropriate speed controller (ESC)
you should avoid getting your motor too hot. if its too hot to touch for more than a couple of seconds, its a good idea to lower your gearing or let it cool off. your battery should be no hotter than warm to the touch.
as for care, just brush off dirt from moving parts and the bottom of the shocks, and if you drive it through dirty water or mud make sure to rinse it off with clean fresh water thoroughly. if you hear anything squeaking such as suspension arms, take them apart and clean with wd40, but avoid leaving excess on the truck as dirt will stick to it.
otherwise just check your wheelnuts and check for loose screws or cracks in any parts after a run, the Slash is pretty bulletproof
hope this helps

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QUESTION: thanks for the response. how would i lower/higher the gearing? i'm new to electric and had nitro but now fully engaged. guess im new to everything and want to start racing. what recommendations do you have to the slash? ive purchased new tires and new steel swing shafts. any tips would help.

you can change the gearing by changing the size of the spur gear and pinion gear. your instruction manual will show you how to do this. traxxas also have a few guide videos as well on their website and on youtube.
reccomendations, i'd say some aluminium big bore shocks, an RPM front bumper and RPM shock towers. to be honest, most RPM parts make good upgrades as they are flexible plastic and are very difficult to crack or snap like the standard plastic parts can tend to do. aluminium upgrades often just create problems by putting more stress on other parts.
a few sets of tyres will be a good idea, and large vent holes in the rear of the shell will make the truck jump more controllably :)

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