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can i use tiki torch fuel in a older air plane moter?

Hi Jeremy,
         I wouldn't use tiki torch fuel as a alternate fuel for Rc engines which may cause internal engine damage. Nitro fuel is comprised of three parts: oil, methanol and nitro methane. These are the common elements, though individual manufacturers may add their own additito the mix to solve common problems the fuel has, including corrosion inside of the engine and the prevention of the fuel foaming. Nitro gas fuel of eight to 12% should be used in RC gas engines. Fuels that have a higher oil content, (15% or more) actually hurt the engine by reducing performance. Higher oil percentages can add additional stress to the engine, causing it to struggle to get a quicker acceleration and throttle response. This can result in the engine becoming sluggish when attempting to accelerate; leaving a residual film in the engine with loose particles and shorten the life of the part. In the end, higher oil content does not make the engine more responsive and can instead lead to overheating and shorter shelf life.This gas primarily gets its energy from methanol, which in the past was derived from distilled wood but is now typically drawn from natural gas. It's the most dominant ingredient in the  fuel and has a naturally cooling effect that cools both the intake air and the fuel mix itself, meaning more oxygen and enhanced power. Methanol also plays a part. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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