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I have a Dynam SU-26M stunt plane from nitroplanes. The plane
came with the following. Speed controller Detrum 50 Amp brushless
ESC.   Motor Size Detrum BM 3720-KV650 brushless ouytrunner.
Prop 13 x 6. I purchased a turnigy 30-40c HI discharge battery
14.8 V 4 cells 2200mAh TC 60 connector 12 GA. wires. The connector
from ESC is a 4.0mm banana plug with protech pipe 34mm lg. wires
from ESC are 12 GA. I would like to change the connectors to
Anderson Power poles. I would use the 30 amp connestors. They will
take 12 GA wire. The 45 AMP takes 10 GA wire. This is why I want
to use the 30 AMP. I want to crimp the wires. I have used 30 AMP
on a lesser setup and they worked very well. I seen an artical
by an Anderson Eng. That these 30 AMP connectors are capable of
200 Amps. I value your advise very highly. You have ans. several
questions for me. I have had excellent results following your
advice. Do think that the 30 AMP powerpoles would handel this
set up.
         sincerly and thank you.

Hi James,

I can't see why there would be a problem using the 30-amp Anderson Power Poles with your system.  As you know, since you've followed some of my work, that is what I use on all my planes.

You can write to me directly at kmyersefo@theampeer.org.

Good luck with your project,

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