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I have a 6v10ah battery in my bait boat at the moment big rectangle 2kg one and was wondering if I can get a battery pack 7.2v 3000ma and resistor to run a motor(1 for each motor)think the motors are 3v and how long would they last~???

You would be better to replace the batteries with 6v NiMH packs, not 7.2v packs. They often register over 8v when fully charged.
Just make sure you use a NiMH charger and wire the batteries in the same way as the original ones and it should be fine.
10Ah is 10'000 MaH, but with the quality of NiMH packs you may find that just half of the original capacity gives the same amount of useable run time.
If you battery is 2kg, then I would suggest using a few 6v NiMH packs in parallel as a battery of that size is likely to be putting out quite a few amps, and a small NiMH pack probably won't be able to do that.
hope this helps

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