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Dear Ken,

Long question. I hope not too long. I'm back again. However, I promise not to be back an another time. I may have made a mistake by saying that my RC propeller crown no longer worked. I am sure the mention of a propeller crown made you believe that it was beyond your expertise. However, the crown's propeller works in every way that the original toy car did,except that the engine doesn't turn a car wheel but the shaft of the crown's propeller. That was all my friend Chris, the tinkerer, could do. He doesn't really understand remote control either.

Our problem has been that the crown no longer works. I do not know whether it cannot respond to signals from the controller; or the controller does not work. What should we do first? I was thinking of getting a controller which broadcasts at the same frequency. I have no idea how to do that. Another thought would obviate all that. It was that the propeller crown has been working for several years now. Has it expended its life span?

I hope you can help me now.

Richard Dengrove

Hi Richard,

Generally, motors used in toys are brushed motors.  Brushes wear out and can no longer do the commutation they are designed to do.  The motor stops working.  The speed control can also stop working, or be burned out from over loading the motor with a prop.

It is not usual for a radio control unit to stop working, even the toy ones.

Sorry, but that's the best that I can come up with for you,

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