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If i'm recollecting correctly, on REO's 1971 "The Session" recording, the band talks about a 2nd album.  I don't recall specifically, but i'm guessing it's before they're performance of "Be a Big Man Someday".  What is known about that "2nd REO album with Terry on vocals"?  Are there any Terry-sung REO songs out there, besides the self-titled album & "The Session" recording?  

Finding additional Terry-sung REO would be cool, along the same lines of awesomeness as finding Kevin's early studio recordings of the "Ridin' the Storm Out" album.  I was going to ask you about the Kevin/"Ridin' the Storm Out" thing, but see about 7,564,783 other people already asked about that.

I appreciate your dedication to the REO cause, Kathy!

Hi Tracy: After the band opened with "Gypsy Woman's Passion" during "The Session" PBS broadcast on WSIU in Carbondale, Illinois, the announcer, London Brant, said that REO was about to embark on a nation-wide tour to promote their first album, released in October, 1971. He also said, "A second album, which has already been recorded, is scheduled to be released in the near future."

Here's the clip on YouTube:

Many fans over the years have asked about that mysterious "second album" featuring Terry Luttrell on lead vocals, but it never came to fruition. My interviews with Gary Richrath, Terry Luttrell, Neal Doughty and Alan Gratzer have all yielded a different take on the situation. One says it was never actually recorded. Another claims the songs were only demos. Another said EPIC wouldn't release a second album without giving the first album a chance. Terry claims he co-wrote "Golden Country," which was supposed to have been on that album. Gary vehemently denies this, and received sole credit for writing the song. Are you getting the picture? LOL. It was definitely a time a great tension and creativity in the band.

The bottom line is that Luttrell left before this work was officially released, rendering his vocals moot -- a fate which also befell Kevin Cronin on the Ridin' the Storm Out album. As you mentioned, anyone who finds either vocals would win the Holy Grail in an REO lottery. Good luck!


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