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Hi, Kathy.  Just bugging you again about the status of your upcoming REO book.  When do you think it will be published, and where would one purchase it?  Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob: It's still a work in progress, but we're getting close. The book is definitely controversial, and my publisher is taking all precautions necessary so we don't get sued! It should be available through Amazon, and all other regular commercial outlets. Thanks for your interest! --Kathy

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History of the band, their music, lyrics, instrumentation, touring, hits, chart activities, and just about everything else in between.


President of REO FANS, the band's largest international fan club, and REO fan for over 45 years, having attended hundreds of concerts all over the world.

Editor & Publisher of REO FANS NEWS

Washburn Law School

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With a 40+ year photographic history of the band, one of her photos was selected to appear on the band's 25th anniversary t-shirts. She was also featured on VH-1's "Rock Collectors," where her rock photography was displayed.

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