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QUESTION: Rather geeky questions but just wondering how true the Live release was to the actual set list of the period? Was the recording in the correct order? Were any songs omitted? or any taken from previous tours? Or was it a completely authentic recording....Music Man does sound edited on my copy.

Finally what consisted of a typical Mike Murphy/This time we mean it set list.

Keep up the good work.


ANSWER: Hey Paul: Not a geeky question at all! This "LIVE" album was recorded in 1976 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, the Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri and Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia. I was there for the Memorial Hall and St Louis performances!

The original LP album, released in January, 1977, doesn't follow the set list exactly. In addition, the LP version significantly differs from the two CD set released in August, 1988. A Japanese 2-CD re-issue released in 2011 restores all the songs to their original full lengths, including both "Gary's Guitar Solo" and "Little Queenie."

This album made history for the band, and literally turned around their career. After a string of no-hit albums, they convinced EPIC records, their label, that the band's strength was their live performances. Epic allowed them to self-produce this album, which was their first certified platinum. Up to that point, the band felt that EPIC producers never truly captured the band's intensity and energy. They were right!

I'll answer the Murphy question in a separate answer.

Thanks for great questions!  -- Kathy, REO FANS President

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I've got the LP version and it is this I was interested in.I was aware that the solo & Queenie had been removed in order that it would fit onto a single disc.
What was the difference between the "live show" and the LP recording.
Many thanks

There were actually a lot of questions at the time REO released the "LIVE:YGWYPF" CD on why Gary's solo wasn't included.  A standard issue CD in 1988 held 74 to 80 minute audio capacity. REO's CD length was 68:36. Gary's 6:10 solo technically could have fit on the disc. Many fans speculated this solo represented some of Gary's best guitar work, and Kevin was insanely jealous. By the same token, "Little Queenie" also could have fit, and there was speculation that the band and its record label didn't want to pay Chuck Berry royalties for the song. Who knows the truth?

The LP recording omits a number of flubs that occurred live, as well as excessive banter by Kevin -- which could be quite annoying at times.

BTW, I could've swore I had a "This Time We Mean It" set list of the band when they played at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 21, 1975, but I can't put my hands on it.  --Kathy

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