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Hi Kathy,

Can you tell me how many video clips REO Speedwagon has made so far?

Released videos are: “Roll with the changes”  1978 / “Keep on loving you”, “Take it on the run-live”  1981 / “Keep the fire burnin’” 1982 / “I Do’Wanna know”,  “Can’t fight this feeling”  (two videos), “One lonely night”, “Live every moment” 1984 / “That ain’t love”, “Veriety tonight”, “In my dreams” 1987 / “Here with me”, “I don’t want to lose you” 1988 / “Live it up” 1990.

But there are more, no commercial release: “Ridin’ the storm out-live” 1977 /  “Say you love me or say goodnight” 1978 / “Don’t let him go”, “In your letter” 1981 / “Sweet time”, “The key”, “Stillness of the night”, “Girl with the heart of gold” 1982 /  “Wherever you’re goin’ (it’s alright)” 1985 / “Can’t stop rockin’” 2009 (with Styx), much more…?

Hi Tommy: You've listed most, but don't forget the "Wheels" videotape with about a dozen songs, currently out of print:  

There are also bootlegs too numerous to mention! --Kathy

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