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Hi Kathy!

I was wondering if Gary ever gave his thoughts or opinions about the song "I wish you were there". I heard Kevin talk about it in an interview back in the early 80's describing how it came about and its style. Has Gary ever mentioned anything about the fantastic solo? That is some of his greatest work in that song. I am looking forward to the book release. Has a date been set for it? Hope the book will answer my many questions about the band. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!!


Hey Mike,

Since Kevin wrote that song, I never directly talked to Gary about it. I do remember Kevin making this statement on the 30th Anniversary liner notes to "Hi Infidelity": "‘I Wish You Were There’ [was] a little Gospel thing that I had written in the house where I grew up in suburban Chicago.” That certainly never sounded like a Gospel song to my ears! But then again, it's always been my belief that without Gary's guitar magic, many of Kevin's lackluster songs might have remained on the demo pile. I've got quite a few stories Gary told me over the years about songwriting with Kevin, which I can't wait to share. Soon, my friend, soon! --Kathy

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