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Uncle Otto\'s General Store
Uncle Otto's General S  

Uncle Otto\'s General Store
Uncle Otto's General S  
Hi Kathy, I've been browsing through you very interesting Q&A pages.  As an early member of the band I played at the Red Lion with Al, Neal and Terry regularly.  Occasionally, these gigs were recorded.  I spoke to Al once many years ago and he thought the tapes still existed.  Do you have access to any of these recordings? Additionally, there was a link on your pages that had a pic of REO in 1968 posted to Myspace

The link has no pic any longer but I was wondering if you have it or any other pic, that I might be included in?

Also, I have included a 2 promo pics of Uncle Otto's General Store, which your fans may find interesting since a few of us later joined REO.  The members are left to right me (Joe McCabe), Steve Massingill,Jack Davis,Bill Fiorio and Frank Eiter. Three of us, Bill, Steve and I all played with REO, although not at the same time.

Hi Joe: Good to hear from you!  When I interviewed Alan at his Mona Lisa Caf, he also thought Red Lion tapes existed. I've heard a couple of purported tapes over the years, but the quality was always pretty awful. I've yet to score any decent copies. As for the MySpace pix, I'm sure I still have it, but it's on another computer. I'll see if I can dig it up for you. Thanks so much for the Uncle Otto's pix! Those were such awesome and formative years of rock n roll. So glad you were a part of it! -- Kathy

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