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I was wondering from past questions if there really was Radar on the Titanic,  I have searched many sites looking for this answer but i never had it answered anyone who has the answer I would appreciate it if u posted the answer really soon. Thanks =-)


Radar was invented in the early 20th century but was not implemented in ships until the 1930's.  So this was not available on the Titanic.  Todays radar or sonar would have been able to detect the ice field but in 1912 they were relying on eye witness accounts from other ships in the area using radio.  If the lookouts had seen the iceberg earlier, or the ship had been going slower, then there would have been a better chance of the iceberg being avoided.  The iceberg that was visisble above the waterline was only a fraction of the size of what was underneath and this is what the titanic hit causing a great gash along her side.

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My area of expertise is the RMS Titanic, specifically the media coverage of the disaster. This is an interesting subject area as the disaster occured on the cusp of major changes in the reporting of major disasters. Wireless and photography were in their infancy so although they did manage to play a part in the conveyance of information to both sides of the Atlantic there were many inaccuracies and the full true story did not emerge until 4-5 days after the sinking of the ship. This inevitably caused much confusion, false hope and anguish to relatives and officials. However, the unfolding of the disaster in the press is an interesting area and is an important part of the whole subject. I also have a good knowledge of the titanic in general, from its conception to the final hours


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